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The Best Automotive Apps For The iPhone And Android

With the world utter of apps that permit users to do everything from watching live sports to buying groceries, it’s no surprise that the automotive aftermarket spectacle industry should be in the game as well. We’ve compiled a few of the best automotive apps for both the iPhone and the Android in no particular order to help you make your car run its very best.

Designed for the iPhone and iPod Touch, Rev uses Wi-Fi to monitor, display and record real-time vehicle data by communicating directly with your car’s ECU via it’s OBD-II port, meaning that vehicles built in one thousand nine hundred ninety six or later are supported. The app monitors information ranging from vehicle speed to RPM and fuel consumption, engine coolant temperature, fuel pressure and more. It’s a flawless device for keeping track of vehicle diagnostics whether you are attempting to achieve the ideal balance after a build, dialing in precise data for your street/disrobe machine or are just nosey about how well your car is running. Two versions are available, Rev and Rev Lite. Rev will set you back $39.99, while Rev Lite, suggesting fewer features and options, is available for free.

If a way to measure horsepower and vapid out speed is what you desire from an app, Dynolicious should sate you. Available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, the app is a handy device for haul racing enthusiasts. Featuring the capability to measure ¼ mile ETs, ¼ mile trap speeds, acceleration, overall horsepower and G-forces, Dynolicious also stores a history of test runs, and permits you to come in any spectacle modifications. The app uses charts and graphs to illustrate data, and requires no setup or wires, as it takes advantage of the iPhone’s built-in accelerometer to produce information. Dynolicious is available for $12.99 in the App Store.

Advanced Lap Tracker

We’ll be fair, this kind of just seems like a glorified stopwatch, but it could potentially eliminate the need to carry an actual stopwatch to the track since the same information will now be available in your phone. Plus it’s free. Advanced Lap Tracker saves the date the event was created, the name of the event, the lap times, and if you’d like, the location of the event. Plus it supports numerous users. It’s a handy device for circle track and road racers who want to check times after making switches to the car or attempting different lines. And the save feature permits racers to quickly go back and see what times they were running when they make repeat visits to the same track, instead of digging through dozens of pages of notebooks.

Bosch Light ’Em Up Dyno

This iPhone and iPod Touch app direct from Bosch is another dyno that fits in the palm of your palm. The free version is an effortless way to measure your car’s 0-60 MPH time, while the $Four.99 utter edition lets you measure horsepower, ¼ mile times and lateral Gs, and post them on What’s more, Bosch offers a multiplicity of discounts on spark ass-plugs when users download the Light ’Em Up app.

Classic Car Guide for iPhone

Classic Car Guide

Whether you’re standing in the middle of a junkyard or in the car corral at a display, the Classic Car Guide app helps you determine just what that ’56 Chevy you’ve had your eye on is worth. The app, designed by Keith Martin, editor and publisher of Sports Car Market, records actual sale prices of collector cars and provides price estimates and listings of cars in your area. The Classic Car Guide puts all your pre-buy research right at your fingertips. Get it in the App Store for free. Also available for the Android.

Dynomaster for Android

Dynomaster for Android applications features a wealth of options and measurements beneficial to racers of all kinds, but seems especially helpful to haul racers. The app offers users the capability to record everything from position to speed and acceleration, along with ETs of 1/Four mile, 1/8 mile and sixty foot passes. Dynomaster even permits you to share data via social media and send it as a spreadsheet for analysis in Microsoft Excel or Office. Designed by Trackaroo, the company also provides apps that help racers set up specifics such as tire weights and camber, and offers a multiplicity of brand specific applications. The Dynomaster app will set the user back $Four.99 in Google Play.

aLapRecorderHD asks you to climb on your phone to the vehicle’s windshield or dashboard while you’re on the road or track. More information than you could possibly imagine will then be delivered straight to your fingertips. Not only does the app record a lap of the circuit to observe, but it also records GPS location information, accelerometer data, vehicle speed, engine RPM, throttle position and much more. aLapRecorder even lets users fountain a track’s lap and sector details from a list of world circuits, or provides the chance to create your own track. The app then provides a stunning diversity of charts and graphs detailing speed traps, sector times, cornering details and more. The demo version of aLapRecorderHD is free in Google Play, while $6.50 will upgrade to the utter edition.

Designed specifically for automotive professionals and enthusiasts, Torque permits users to monitor their ECU and gather real time on-board diagnostics from the various sensors that are connected to it. The app utilizes the OBD2 diagnostic connector on late model vehicles to produce custom-built dashboards and dials, 0-60 and ¼ mile times, the capability to measure horsepower and torque and find and clear fault codes. Serving as both a spectacle and diagnostic app, this is a must have for any gearhead who wants to dial in the precise tune in his or her rail for every situation. Torque is available for $Four.95 in Google Play.

DashCommand for Android

Designed by Palmer Spectacle, DashCommand is one of the more high end Android apps we’ve come across, but the features make it worth it. Using OBD-II data monitoring and logging, and utilizing patent pending DashXL technology, the built-in dashboards can display a total of twenty seven gauges, featuring data pulled directly from your engine’s control module. DashCommand is a convenient implement whether you need to run diagnostics to service your engine, track everything from real-time fuel mileage to figure roll and pitch, or select the decent tune for your journey to the track. This app is available in Google Play for $39.95. Also available for the iPhone.

Cars For Sale Pro

The plain name of this app says it all. Beneficial to both private buyers and dealers, Cars For Sale Pro provides a detailed listing of fresh and used cars for sale, either in your area or across the entire United States. Be as general or as specific as you would like. So whether you are looking for a Camaro just like you possessed in high school, a brand fresh Dodge Ram, or simply attempting to find any Ford Torino with a four hundred twenty nine Cobra Jet, Cars For Sale Pro lets you do it by searching car sites across the internet. The app scours everything from Autotrader to eBay Motors, Craigslist and more to come up with an extensive list of available vehicles. The app is available for free in Google Play.

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