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Fresh cars with September registration plates

August 16, two thousand ten by Perrys Content Team in News

September is an arousing time of year for car buyers. The introduction of fresh registration plates in September means fresh car registrations increase rapidly and it also means an increase in discounts and offers as manufacturers contest for fresh car buyers.

Fresh car registration plates are introduced twice a year; in March and again in September. There are dual benefits for customers hoping to pick up a bargain at this time of year.

The very first is those buyers who are glad to buy a car with older plates. As dealers clear their forecourts for the fresh registration models, there will be slew of lower prices on older models for the buyer looking for a bargain.

However, for some the fresh registration plates are the chance to buy a brand fresh car. With this in mind, we`ve taken a look at some of the cars released since March which will be available for the very first time with a fresh registration plate.


There hasn`t been many fresh superminis released in the UK since March, but there are slew of special editions of current models available for those who want something a little different from the norm.

As expected Fiat leads the way, with the Fiat five hundred BlackJack and 500CbyDiesel special editions. It is joined by the customisable and premium DS3 and fire-breathing DS3 Racing edition – the very first models in the revived DS line of cars from Citroen.

The Chevrolet Spark is now available with the manufacturer`s five-year warranty and the fresh Peugeot one hundred seven Millesim was released in July to feast the manufacturer`s 200th year anniversary.


The Renault Wind has breezed onto UK forecourts this summer, finish with two-seats and a class-leading hard-top roof capable of closing in just twelve seconds. The roadster was introduced to Europe via an interactive reality TV show-style competition alongside the fresh Renault Megane Coupe-Cabriolet.

As with the one hundred seven city car, Peugeot has also released a drop-top Millesim version of the two hundred seven CC, finish with a host of fresh equipment and special Millesim two hundred badging.

Family cars

Alfa Romeo wowed visitors to the Geneva Motor Showcase in March with the stunning Giulietta hatch back, which combines style and sportiness with practicality. The iconic Cloverleaf badge has also made an appearance as a range-topping specification for the Giulietta.

The Seat Ibiza ST was introduced in summer 2010, as was a special edition Seat Ibiza Good Stuff. The special edition features a broad range of fresh equipment and features.

Keep an eye out for the all-new Ford Concentrate shortly after the fresh plates come in – the flawless time to upgrade the old model for the newest generation of the popular family car.

With the growing number of crossovers, the term SUV is getting looser. One example if the Kia Sportage, one of the hits of the summer because of its attractive styling, practicality and of course, the incredible Kia seven-year warranty.

Larger cars

Ford has released the Ford C-Max and seven-seat Ford Grand C-Max this summer as well as the sporty S-Max MPV.

There has also been debuts for the Vauxhall Meriva MPV, accomplish with rear-opening ‘suicide doors` and the soon-to-be-released Seat Alhambra MPV and Mazda5, styled using the flowing Nagare design language.

This is just a selection of fresh cars released inbetween the very first fresh registration plate being introduced this year in March and the forthcoming September plates. The fresh plates are introduced on one September, and Perrys has several hot deals designed specifically for the sixty plates for you to check out.

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