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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Car – Latest News & Rumors

Many companies are working on self-driving cars and Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is rumored to be one of them. The tech giant is known for its good PCs, iPhones and other electronics but it could soon be contesting with other electrified car makers.

Rumors about the company working on a project codenamed Titan are nothing fresh. The company is said to have many employees working on an electrical vehicle. No pictures or major details have been exposed by the company but a few have mentioned that the car will not feature the self-driving technology many companies are focusing on. Others have mentioned that the technology will be on the cars but will not be featured in the very first version

The Apple Car rumors surfaced a while ago and many believe that the company is now looking for an area to test its vehicle prototypes. Its also been mentioned that the company might team up with other car makers to produce the car. Reports also mentioned that it would resemble more of a minivan than a car.

The Apple Car was actually mentioned before the very first iPhone was released. The tech giant discussed making a car but they focused on the iPhone, which quickly became one of the most popular products by the company.

The iPhone is still one of the most popular phones today but the company is presently looking at other ideas. The rumors about the Apple Car returned early last year. The following months, the company was the center of rumors as reports said the company was meeting with self-driving car experts. That’s not all, there was also pictures of a van leased to Apple that was seen driving around in California. The van had a number of cameras affixed to the top and this led to even more rumors.

Talks With Other Companies

A few tech sites also reported that the company was looking to hire automotive technology and vehicle design experts. It was also reported that the company had hundreds of employees working on an electrical minivan. There are different rumors on the self-driving technology, which many say will not be part of the vehicle during its debut.

Earlier this year, Steve Sadesky, who was rumored to be in charge of the project, left the company. The leader of the project has not been exposed but a few names have been mentioned since Steve Sadesky left the company four months ago.

A few rumors have recently mentioned that the company has had talks with other car makers. The talks have reportedly ended without a deal but rumors have also said that the companies could begin discussing a fresh deal in the next few months.

Self-Driving Car?

Apple’s recruitment efforts have indeed persuaded other car makers that they will be releasing a car in the future. Apple’s car project embarked with a just a few hundred employees but it is believed that the company wants to have close to one thousand employees working on the car. Since rumors about the car very first surfaced, the tech giant has been recruiting employees and has even hired some of the best from other car makers.

The largest question about the Apple Car project seems to be if it will be an autonomous vehicle. Sites have suggested that the technology will be included and others have disagreed, telling that it won’t be a feature when the car is released. Self-driving vehicles are seen as the future and are expected to arrive in the next four years, so we can’t rule out Apple releasing a car with self-driving capabilities.

Release Date – 2020?

The release date is also a big question mark but rumors say the company could be looking at two thousand twenty for production of the car. No one knows if the company will actually release a car, but the size of the team lets us know that Apple is indeed interested in releasing a car in the future. Two thousand twenty is less than four years away, so rumors have also mentioned that the car could take more time to be ended.

Apple has not exposed anything about the project but rumors will most likely keep surfacing in the next few years as electrified cars and self-driving features have become a hot topic recently.

What do you think about the Apple Car project? Does it need self-driving technology? Let us know in the comments.

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