2015 Escalade VS two thousand fifteen Yukon Denali: Car Clash, GM Authority

2015 Yukon Denali vs. Two thousand fifteen Cadillac Escalade: Car Clash

General Motors will soon launch two luxury SUVs intended to reach different customers. Both vehicles, however, will be essentially the same under the sheetmetal, wood, and leather. We’re, of course, referring to the two thousand fifteen Cadillac EscaladeВ and two thousand fifteen GMC Yukon Denali.

Out of the two, which one would you have? Even if you’re not an SUV person, just pretend for a minute.

2015 Cadillac Escalade

2015 GMC Yukon

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Manny is the lead GM Authority writer and provides on-site coverage of GM events as well as road tests of GM’s fresh products.

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Buy Escalade + Exchange to Denali tails and D pile appliquГ© = Problem Solved

Just bought a GMC Denali w the 8spd auto.

It is basically an escalade w different badging and LED exterior lights. I choose pushing real buttons as opposed to cue. While driving a touch screen is blind unless you take your eyes off road to touch the screen.

Also I feel less pretentious when I say I drive a GMC rather than an Escalade. Just my thoughts.

They both are beautiful, but overall the GMC is what fits me best. It doesn’t have ugly tail lights, it still has a super attractive front fascia and interior, and you get the more economical Five.3L V8.

Sorry Evan, but the Yukon Denali has the same 6.2L V8 as the Escalade.

Pics don’t always tell the entire story, I’m thinking the Escalade’s taillights will be pretty interesting in person. Seems like they cut corners a little on the “differentiation” by using the same front fender on both the GMC and Caddy, should have had a little more differentiation on the side profile of the lights, might be difficult to tell the difference from a side view. The oddball Tahoe lights took the differentiation to a strange place, shouldn’t be a problem confusing the Chevy for the other two from the side!

Cadillac all the way. However, price will matter, along with fuel cost. How many mpg and will it require premium grade? That could get ‘spensive! If the Cadillac premium is too severe, it will force my decision.

It’s an Escalade, not a Navigator. You shouldn’t be price conscious or expect value for dollar when shopping for a Cadillac, or any luxury car.

If you want “affordable luxury” and terrible residuals, visit a Chrysler dealer.

The pickups are rated 15/21 with the fresh 6.Two, one less with 4WD, not bad for a motor that size!

I voted Escalade, but I favor the Denali..WTH. That said I indeed choose the Caddy’s interior to the GMC’s as well as the rear light treatment. Oh heck, what am I telling, Caddy for me! But I wouldn’t turn down a Denali either.

If money were no object, I’d choose the Cadillac. But I am planning on buying the yukon. Yukon over the tahoe, that’s for sure!

If you want an Escalade it is usually for the top 1% and price is no option . But for me I will take the Denali . I just can’t get over those odd tailights on the Slade . Maybe if GM gets an earfull from the public about them , when its time for a re-fresh they will redisign the lights ! One can only hope .

I’d be willing to bet that for this generation of Escalade the tail lights will be a positive signature feature for the Escalade. I’d also bet that they stay as is if not enhanced for the life of this generation Escalade.

They are far from “odd”, “ugly”, or weird. Lol. They are just what they are, well designed “blade” LEDs that run along the otherwise unremarkable rear poles of the truck. Until the few detractors here began over reacting about them, I didn’t even notice.

If they aren’t ones preference, say so, but all these claims of ugliness and what not are just bimbo.

The funniest thing to me is many of these detractors are the very same people who complain of design by committee and boring designs, yet as soon as a “daring” or slightly flamboyant design element is attempted they scream bloody murder!

I am not telling that GM is boring. What makes them not boring is because they do take “daring” and “flamboyant” deeds. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I don’t. As for the tail lights, it’s a love or hate situation (They’re not the best in my case) and you’re going to have that anywhere in the design department. It’s not “over-reacting” if someone says that they don’t like something, it’s called an opinion. I respect yours, so please respect others including mine and others. That means not calling other people “detractors”, it’s super rude and besides, that was the only complaint they had about the truck, otherwise they said they loved the interior and front end.

Lol, it’s the “interwebs” man, the reality is no ones opinion counts for sh#t. We’re all just a bunch of GM fans (or haters) pontificating about vehicles and company decisions that -in reality- we have no real influence on.

2nd, let’s be real, there is no need to respect anyone’s opinion unless they have consistently proven respect is due via proof of their logic or their skill and capability. This is not a dig against you. Just a fact.

Like they say, “opinions are like?” And yep, Everyone has one. A few annonymous keyboard jockeys screaming about how ugly something is on a vehicle -that most likely they can’t buy anyway- is the epitome of a opinion that is worth no respect.

Funny, you state ‘opinions don’t count for **** on the interwebs’ yet you chose to label those who’s opinion isn’t favorable of these vehicles as detractors. What an odd choice of word btw, it’s like something out of a poorly conceived communist block politician’s speech. Plus the lazily constructed straw man fallacy of ‘these are very likely the same people who …’ when you have no way of knowing who said what and if their views have been consistent or contradictory over time.

In any case, there are fanboys and haters, and there are people who have fair takes on a future product … you as everyone else is free to either note them, discard them, or use them to sustain their confirmation bias.

The only opinion that matters (to GM) is that which will be voiced by the consumer, and whether they will choose to purchase this vehicle. I have exercised this ‘opinion’ four times over the GMT900 run having purchased a Tahoe Hybrid, Yukon Denali, and two Escalades. I am also an active member of several GM total size SUV enthusiast forums, and I can tell you that thousands of people who own and love these vehicles more than the average person are truly not that thrilled with many elements of the design direction GM has taken with this platform. At least not to the degree they were excited when the last gen leap took place in 2007. In anecdotal/general terms, the Yukon Denali seems to be the preferred livery, Escalade 2nd (tho’ there is some pre-cringing going on about what the price will be, especially after GM wants to charge $75K+ for a fancy Volt), and with the Tahoe and it’s ‘enough chrome to blind migrating geese’ front clip third. This is the consensus from enthusiasts, people who are more prone to be fanboys that, as you term them, detractors.

Last, you state that our meagre thoughts have no influence on GM … perhaps you are unacquainted with the poop-storm that came to be when the very first spy shots of the fresh Silverado interior leaked, and GM scrambled to redesign it at the last minute to address people’s ‘opinions.’ Not telling it will happen here, just telling GM and other manufacturers take note of consumer sentiment.

We shall see how people vote with their money when these trucks hit the lots. I can assure you no one wants to love and buy one more than me … but I remain unconvinced, at least until I have the chance to see and drive one in person.

In brief, opinions are indeed like poop fuckholes, but some are stinkier than others.

Look up the word Detractors and get back to me. Not liking the use of a particular word does not switch it’s adequate use.

Again, look up the definition of a “straw man fallacy” and get back to me. No such mechanism was used. I stated a very probable guess. And proceeded with MY opinion, I did not argue against it.

The rest of your statement is indeed true and was implied. Like I said, it’s the interwebs man! 99% of what goes on here and the rest of the “www” is entertainment, pontificating, and bullsh#t…oh and porn! How could I leave behind porn.

As you so circumventuouslly stated; When it truly matters, people will put their money where their mouth is, and GM knows this. [yep, there’s a fake word in there – just made that sh#t up!]

Good lord people, stop taking this mess so serious. Lol, it’s just tail lights; ya don’t like it don’t buy it. Believe me -it’s a Escalade- slew of others will.

Very first of all BITE ME. 2nd, Have any of the “detractors” said anything about not buying an Escalade. I didn’t think so. The way I took it was: “I wouldn’t turn down an Escalade, but wouldn’t buy one for myself”

So in reality, you need to stop. It’s almost like you are attempting to begin fights on the “www”. Get a life, you have way to much time on your mitts. . . . .

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