Movie Shows Car Veer Into Motorcycle, Injuring two – NBC five Dallas-Fort Worth

Movie Shows Car Veer Into Motorcycle, Injuring Two


Driver Arrested After Crash with Motorcycle Caught on Camera

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The man shown on movie swerving his car into a passing motorcycle on a North Texas rural road has been arrested, police said.

William Crum has been charged with two counts of aggravated onslaught with a deadly weapon.

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The crash, recorded on another motorcyclist’s helmet camera, shows Crum’s car veering into a passing motorcycle, throwing two people from the bike and injuring them.

Motorcycle driver Eric Sanders said he and his gf were railing on a county road about five miles north of Granbury when he crossed a double-yellow line to pass a driver who had slowed to forty mph in the sixty five mph zone.

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He said as he began to overtake the car, Crum intentionally swerved and clipped his bike.

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Sanders said he and his gf were thrown from the motorcycle; he suffered abrasions, while she remains hospitalized with a cracked wrist and deep arm lacerations.

A rider behind Sanders, wearing a helmet-mounted camera, recorded the crash, as well as the subsequent interaction with Crum where he said he didn’t care about hitting the motorcycle and that he had been bitten or stung by something.

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Crum echoed that claim in an interview with NBC five Monday before his arrest. He said he was stung or bitten by an insect and didn’t intentionally hurt anyone.

“All of the unexpected, I felt this stinging in my left gam,” Crum said. “I didn’t attempt to hurt anybody. It was a reflex from the agony.”

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NBC five has not spoken with Crum since his arrest. It’s not clear if he has an attorney. His bond was set at $75,000 for each offense.

Movie Shows Car Veer Into Motorcycle, Injuring Two

Sanders said he doesn’t buy Crum’s excuse and that the crash has switched their lives forever.

“At very first I just thought he was swerving a little bit, to scare me or something. When I seen (sic) him come over the yellow line, I knew he was coming to hit me. He hit me on purpose. I don’t care what he said, I don’t care what his explanation is,” Sanders said. “I almost died; my gf is upstairs with the possibility of having her arm amputated because of this.”

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Sanders, meantime, the DPS said, was cited for passing in a no passing zone and for driving with an invalid license. However, Sanders told NBC five he hasn’t been cited.

NBC Five’s Jocelyn Lockwood, Frank Heinz, Holley Ford and Todd L. Davis contributed to this report.

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